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          A fiber optics textile composite sensor for geotechnical applications.pdf 點擊下載
          A low cost time-resolved Raman spectroscopic sensing system enabling fluorescence rejection.pdf 點擊下載
          A new design for simultaneous temperature and strain measurement with spontaneous Raman and Brillouin scattering.pdf 點擊下載
          A novel quasi-distributed fibre optic displacement sensor for dynamic measurement(OFDR).pdf 點擊下載
          A Raman cell based on hollow optical fibers for breath analysis.pdf 點擊下載
          A Raman intensity sensor induced by the Rayleigh scattering in a ring configuration .pdf 點擊下載
          Amplification effect on stimulated Brillouin scattering in the S-band forward G652 fiber Raman amplifier .pdf 點擊下載
          An experiment study on Raman spectrum of liquid core optical fiber.pdf 點擊下載
          Analysis of optical pulse coding in spontaneous Brillouin-based distributed temperature sensors.pdf 點擊下載
          Analysis of the backscattering method for single-mode optical.pdf 點擊下載
          Application of Diode-Laser Raman Spectroscopy for In situ Investigation of Meat Spoilage.pdf 點擊下載
          Application of fiber optic sensors to structural monitoring.pdf 點擊下載
          Application of Raman spectroscopy to high-temperature analytical measurements.pdf 點擊下載
          Applications of fibre optic temperature measurement.pdf 點擊下載
          Characterization of Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Using High-Sensitivity Optical-Frequency-Domain Reflectometry.pdf 點擊下載
          Combined distributed temperature sensing and current monitoring.pdf 點擊下載
          Contact fiber probes for in-vivo optical spectroscopy_comparative analysis.pdf 點擊下載
          Designing of a prototype fiber optic Raman sensor .pdf 點擊下載
          Development of distributed strain and temperature sensing cables.pdf 點擊下載
          Development of optical fiber sensor probes for rapid remote in-situ spectroscopic measurements of biological samples.pdf 點擊下載
          Differentiating bacterial spores from hoax materials by Raman spectroscopy.pdf 點擊下載
          Disease recognition by infrared and Raman spectroscopy.pdf 點擊下載
          Distributed fiber optic sensors Novel tools for the monitoring of large structures.pdf 點擊下載
          Distributed fiber optic strain and temperature sensing for structural health monitoring.pdf 點擊下載
          Distributed force-sensing optical fiber using forward time-division multiplexing.pdf 點擊下載
          Double Raman Amplified Bus Networks for Wavelength-Division Multiplexing of Fiber-Optic Sensors.pdf 點擊下載
          Effect of ionizing radiation on in situ Raman scattering and photoluminescence of silica optical fibers.pdf 點擊下載
          Enhanced pulseshaping capabilities and reduction of non-linear effects in all-fiber MOPA pulsed system.pdf 點擊下載
          Experimental study in optical fiber temperature monitoring.pdf 點擊下載
          Exposed and transcutaneous measurement of musculoskeletal tissues using fiber optic coupled Raman spectroscopy.pdf 點擊下載
          Fiber optic distributed sensing applications in defense, security, and energy.pdf 點擊下載
          Fiber optic distributed temperature sensor using incoherent optical frequency domain reflectometry .pdf 點擊下載
          Fiber optic Raman sensor to monitor the concentration ratio of nitrogen and oxygen in a cryogenic mixture.pdf 點擊下載
          Fiber optic sensing technology Emerging markets and trends.pdf 點擊下載
          High resolution optical frequency domain reflectometry for characterization of components .pdf 點擊下載
          Impact of physical effects onto the optimal signal power in CWDM optical networks.pdf 點擊下載
          Improved sensitivity spontaneous raman scattering multi-gas sensor.pdf 點擊下載
          In-band optical frequency domain reflectometry in PONs.pdf 點擊下載
          Incoherent Optical Frequency Domain Interferometry for Avionics.pdf 點擊下載
          Local birefringence measurements in single-mode fibers withcoherent optical frequency-domain reflectometry.pdf 點擊下載
          Nonlinear distributed optical fiber sensing.pdf 點擊下載
          Nonlinear effects generation in suspended core chalcogenide fibre.pdf 點擊下載
          Nonlinear fiber based processing for high speed optical communication and sensor systems.pdf 點擊下載
          Novel optical frequency domain reflectometry with.pdf 點擊下載
          OTDR pulse power limit in on-line monitoring of optical fibres owing to stimulated Raman scattering受激拉曼散射導致的OTDR的功率限制.pdf 點擊下載
          Polarization effects in stimulated Raman scattering and related phenomena.pdf 點擊下載
          Propagation characteristics of femto-second chirped soliton in dispersion-flatted fiber with linear dispersion profile.pdf 點擊下載
          Single-end measurement of Raman gain efficiency distribution in concatenations of single-mode optical fibers.pdf 點擊下載
          Suppression of stimulated Raman scattering in high-power fiber laser systems by lumped spectral filters.pdf 點擊下載
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